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Harry Potter X Everau Protego Sweater

The Harry Potter Protego Sweater incorporates all the magical elements of Hogwarts.

Featuring a knitted lightning bolt pattern and Hogwarts school badge on the left side chest. The embroidery badge is detailed with the Hogwarts school motto: Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus, and the four House symbols: Gryffindor™ the lion, Ravenclaw™ the eagle, Hufflepuff™ the badger, Slytherin™ the snake.

While it won't shield you from jinxes, hexes, and minor curses, its reinforced ribbed cuff and trim will keep it durable and the lighting pattern will dispel any bad vibes.

Product No: EA8004

Free Size (cm): 60 Length, 50 Shoulder, 116 Chest, 52 Sleeve

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  • Embroidered Hogwarts badge
  • Reinforced ribbed cuff and trim
  • Ribbed cuff with striping
  • 65% Acrylic 35% Nylon
  • Daily Prophet Packaging