Ladies in Fashion

Ladies in Fashion
Tamara Mellon closet

Designer, entrepreneur and mother to a teenage daughter, Tamara Mellon has come a long way since co-founding Jimmy Choo in 1996. Today celebrities from the Jenners to Megan Markle has been spotted wearing her namesake brand of luxury footwear.

Tamara’s fashion collection is housed in her guest room, where she collects and archives all her pieces for her daughter to one day inherit. With shoes covering two walls from floor to ceiling, Tamara recalls every pair, what was going on in her life and how old she was.

Now that she is at the helm of her own luxury footwear company and a mother to a 15-year-old her values have shifted. The mother and daughter duo are inseparable and travel everywhere to describing her as “my passion and my life”. They enjoy bonding over fashion and business and she also takes Minty, her daughter, to all her meetings so that one day she can follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Tamara Mellon Closet

Tamara started her career in PR before her role as Accessories Editor at British Vogue, where she met Jimmy Choo. This was the beginning of Tamara’s journey in the luxury designer footwear industry. Tamara helped Jimmy Choo become the iconic and successful brand that it is today.

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