Trans-Seasonal Style - Trends you need to know

Trans-Seasonal Style - Trends you need to know

Trans-Seasonal Fashion Trends

As the weather cools down, we say goodbye to our summer trends and hello to versatile and practical styles that can transition into our winter wardrobes.

Fashion is a reflection of world events and the general mood of society. As people around the world find a new sense of normalcy, fashion has reflected this through the current utilitarian clothing trend.

Styles that are versatile and practical are the hottest trend to be coming through. Many are transitioning back into working in offices and are looking for styles that give a sense of comfort that they had at home, yet are still appropriate to be wearing at work.

Key styles to look out for are the military boot and the lug boot, both perfectly embody the utilitarian trend. Both styles are comfortable and versatile, they can be paired with a chunky knit sweater or dressed up with a leather blazer. These fashionable and functional styles will carry you in comfort with their thick soles and soft leather.

The boots are subtle, yet also edgy enough to compliment almost any outfit, making it a no brainer purchase for the season.

As we continue to navigate the uncertainty of the current world situation, you can place your trust in the military boot and lug boot. They are staples for your wardrobe and will be perfect for the colder months.