Colour Pop!

Colour Pop!

Summer Moccasin

Black may always be in fashion, but colour is undoubtedly having a moment. In time for the warmer months, colour is on-trend and instantly adds a sense of fun to any outfit and is guaranteed to lift your mood as well as elevating your outfit.

If going bold is too much for you, try adding a subtle pop of colour, like you get from our Summer Moccasin. An easy and comfortable option, and with 7 colours to choose from in soft, breathable leather, you’ll be wearing these all season long.


Want to go bigger and brighter? Our limited-edition Harry Potter Collection can help you nail not only a pop of colour but also that prep style. Throw on our Wizarding Chess sweater or Seeker t-shirts to freshen up your spring looks and to be effortlessly stylish.

We had a chat with singer and actor Avneesha on how she likes to add a pop of colour to her looks and what she loves about spring fashion:

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I'm an Artist, singer/songwriter and actress from Australia. I make a lot of content online on my various platforms such as TikTok, IG and YouTube. I absolutely love writing songs and recently released my debut EP 'Too Many Feels' on all streaming platforms.

What is something people would find surprising about you? 
I think the most surprising thing about me is that I'm a massive introvert. I don't think anyone would expect that about me. Especially since I'm always singing and acting online! 

What's your favourite song to sing?
Right now, I absolutely love the song Love Nwantiti by CKay. I have been singing it all week, and I really want to put out a cover of the song soon. It's so catchy!! Keep an eye out on my YouTube; I think I'll be dropping a cover soon.

What's your fav spring trend right now?
I think wearing yellow and camel colour styling! My whole wardrobe is filled with camel colours, so it's kind of perfect! I need more yellow, though! I also like the oversized blazers! So cute.

What's your favourite Everau product? Why?
Omg, I am obsessed with their Harry Potter x Everau collection!! I think I love everything in the range. If I had to choose my favourite product, it would be the Harry Potter Wizarding Chess Sweater in the Slytherin house colours. My husband and I love Harry Potter, and we always discuss which houses we would be in. I've always wanted to be in Slytherin, but he refuses to accept that I would be. So now I wear this jumper to remind him of my rightful house!  


Who is your biggest inspiration for your singing?
I couldn't choose just one person. I'm inspired by so many people, artists and creators. Also, my dad is a big inspiration as his love for music and singing has always inspired me. If I had to choose one artist I would love to collaborate with, it would definitely be Drake!